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Experience Kidspace

Shaping the Emotional Future of  our Youth

What We Do

We design and deliver programmes to help children succeed in todays' modern world.

At Kidspace Learning we provide every child with the tools needed to react positively to the pressures and challenges presented to them in todays modern, fast paced society.

We design and deliver emotional wellbeing programmes to help improve, develop and build a child’s character through interactive, action-packed, fun lessons. Our programmes are tailored to encourage children to approach life with confidence, grit and an abundance of resilience!

Our Aim

  • Elevate children's  confidence,  resilience, and growth mindset for today and the future.

  • Teach children ways to get the most out of life today and in the future.

  • Provide parents with the support they need to give children that little bit extra.

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Our Approach

We follow the 'Creative Curriculum Approach.

The Creative Curriculum’s foundation is based on the findings of six main theorists. 

  • T. Berry Brazelton and Abraham Maslow believed that children need their basic needs met, which include safety, belonging and esteem.

  • Erik Erikson and Stanley Greenspan focused on the necessity of having supporting, trusting relationships with adults, which increases social, emotional development.

  • Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky discussed how interactions with others are crucial in cognitive development.

The Creative Curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: 

  1. The social/emotional stage helps promote independence, self-confidence and self-control. Within this stage, children learn how to make friends, how to have group interactions and how to follow rules.

  2. The physical stage is intended to increase children’s large and small motor skills.

  3. The cognitive stage is associated with thinking skills. Children learn how to solve problems, ask questions and think critically.

  4. The language stage deals with communication. Children learn how to communicate with others, listen and participate in conversations.

Our Environment

Our programmes are designed to provide an environment where each child is offered a safe, encouraging and supportive space to learn and be heard. We empower children through child led discussions, abstract thinking and problem solving instilling in children that they can lead their own progress. 

Programmes Open for Registration


October Midterm Break 2022

Superhero Programme (6-9yrs)9.30am-11.30am at Garter Lane Studios

"I Can Do It" Programme (10-12yrs) 12pm-2pm at Garter Lane Studios

Superhero programme.jpeg

Superhero Programme!  Aimed at 6-9 year olds

This programme is for boys and girls who need a little guidance and space to find their super powers (confidence, resilience, positive thinking, problem solving, perseverance and more)! 

Every single child has superpowers, they just need a little help identifying these powers and using them more. A fun, interactive and child lead programme designed to build confidence, learn about growth mindset, increase resilience and empower your child to link their emotions to language to better manage every day challenges they face. We build confidence and self expression through games, arts and crafts (mask & cape creation), story-telling , music and movement.

We can't wait to fly high with you Superheroes! The sky's your limit!

Click on "Book Now" to book your spot

Build Resilience photo.png

"I Can Do It Programme" aimed at 10-12 year olds

This programme is for children who;

- Hesitate or worry about starting new things.

- Get frustrated when things don't go their way.

- Want to give up when things get difficult.

- Lack confidence in day to day life.  

- Get worked up over what adults see as the smallest things.

Through interactive games, challenges & bespoke learning resources, we equip your child with invaluable life long skills to deal with above challenges they may face. We build confidence and self esteem by empowering your child during activities and fun games and use facilitation techniques and relationship building to guide your child to truly see their talents and strengths. Empowering your child to start believing in themselves and that YES, they can do anything!


Click on "Book now" to book your spot

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