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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child expect to gain from the programme?
Your child will gain an introduction into specific life skills essential to their social and emotional wellbeing.
Our schooling systems generally concentrate on left brain, logical, intellectual thinking, but our world also needs right brain, creative, divergent, imaginative thinking. This form of thinking helps children to problem solve, to build relationships, to bounce back from challenging experiences and to gain self confidence.

The core skills for this programme are: Courage, Resilience and Confidence.

Your child will have an opportunity to reflect and consider how they handle difficult situations and to explore problem-solving strategies that will aid them in their everyday lives.

We will transfer the learning from the programme into the child’s ‘real-life’
through fun exercises they will complete with their parent or guardian in the week following the lesson.

 My child doesn’t necessarily have behavioral concerns, would they benefit from attending?
Definitely! All children can benefit greatly from learning about key life skills and how they can positively apply them in their daily lives. They are participating in a fun environment, with like-minded children, growing relationships, gaining a sense of achievement and developing their social skills in a facilitated relaxed setting.

My child is struggling to make and or keep friends in school. Would this programme help them?
Yes. The programme is delivered in a facilitated, nurturing and supportive environment. We guide the children’s
activities and support them in communicating and respecting each other. We instill in children the practice of taking turns, listening, problem solving and respecting one another.

What is the parents’ role in the programme?
Parents/guardians are an essential important part of the programme’s success as they are the principal influencers in the
child’s life. 

Our programmes involve and educates parents on our course  objectives and content upfront. They learn how to translate the learning into their everyday lives with their children. We  provide resources packs to parents and children bring the learning to life and have it last long after the programme is completed.

How do I pay?

Click the 'Book Online' tab in the menu bar to register and make payment online. Due to the limited availability of our programmes, a deposit is required to secure your booking.

Programme Fee is €175.00 for our six week programme including parent/guardian education session, 5 week childrens' programme and learning packs and resources to bring the learning to life.  

Can my child attend a few of the sessions by paying per class?
No due to the ‘building’ approach of the teaching, we require children to attend all sessions to get the most
from the programme.

My child has or is receiving counselling or behavioural therapy. Is this programme a replacement for that?
The programme is not a substitute for therapy or counselling. If you suspect that a child has a serious concern
or emotional issue we would advise seeking the advice of your doctor as a first port of call.

We would request parents give due consideration when enrolling their child should you have major concerns
regarding your child’s behaviour. To be fair to all children we require participants to have an ability to cooperate and be respectful of others. This course is not a quick fix to behavioral problems.

Will there be further programmes I can avail of?

We will be introducing more  programmes over the coming months, watch this space!

Should you have any additional questions or want to discuss the appropriateness of the programme for your child’s needs, please call Elaine Tobin on 085-1305103

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