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Kidspace Programmes

It's normal for children to;

Hesitate or worry about starting new things.

Get frustrated when things don't go their way.

Want to give up when things get difficult.

Lack confidence in day to day life.  

Get worked up over what adults see as the smallest things.

How can we empower and help our children to navigate these challenges and proactively ensure they don't turn into bigger concerns.

All our programmes aim to:

Normalise the challenges and worries children have each and every day.

Build both children and parents awareness of  'growth mindset' and how it can set children up to lead happier, mentally stronger and more resilient lives.

Provide everyday language and tools to empower children to manage the challenges they face today and build a strong foundation for their future lives.

Key Learning Objectives are:

  • Knowing our Brain: Learn what a growth mindset is and how  it can help us have a better approach to every days challenges.

  • Knowing our Strengths: Identifying what we are good at and how we can grow and improve our skills.

  • Build Resilience: Understanding there are different ways to think about mistakes and setbacks.

  • Going for Goals: Setting goals and identify which goals are right for us.

  • Build Perseverance: When do I need to keep trying? Why do I need to keep practicing?

  • Instill Positivity: Understanding the importance and benefits from having an optimistic attitude.

Learning is through focused challenges, games and other learning resources. Parents play an essential role in the programme, ensuring what children learn is translated into their every day life. 

Children are provided with bespoke learning resources through out the programme to bring the learning to life and make for a fun learning for all the family.

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