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Our Programmes

Kidspace Learnings Programmes are based on 8 core emotional themed modules. Each module offers a unique learning to support a child’s wellbeing and can be delivered as a stand-alone topic or as part of a broader programme.

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Superhero Programme aimed at 6-9 year olds

Discovering your superpowers and using them in everyday life!

Building confidence and growth mindset through bespoke learning resources and using the mediums of art & craft, movement, group discussions and fun experiential activities!

Super Hero Kids

I Can Do It Programme aimed at 10-12 year olds

Building resilience for every day challenges.

It's normal for children to;
Hesitate or worry about starting new things.
Get frustrated when things don't go their way.
Want to give up when things get difficult.
Lack confidence in day to day life.  
Get worked up over what adults see as the smallest things.

How can we empower and help our children to navigate these challenges and proactively ensure they don't turn into bigger concerns.

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