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Read about the impact 

that Kidspace Learning Programmes

has had on children 

Kidpsace Learning opened the eyes of our whole family about the importance of a growth mindset and the value of the word 'yet'. 

(Yvonne McCormack, 2019)

A really relevant programme for young people in todays' society

 (Vicki Anderson, 2019)

My son absolutely loved the programme. He ran in each week and was so eager to join in - which up to now wouldn't be his first response to

new things. Grew in confidence and loved Elaine.

 (Gillian Curran, 2019)

Elaine provides a nurturing, supportive, engaging environment for the children. The workshop is fun and inclusive. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for support/positive environment for their child.

 (Louise Pope, 2019)

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